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Be Bamboozled by a bedlam of beautiful bouncing bipedal beetles balancing boldly between bouts of bashful and batty behaviour.

The Sands family juggles, tumbles, unicycles, hoops and balances their way around in unpredictable fashion with a beetle flavour. YUM!

The Yurtles of Oodlawirra (otherwise known as the Sands family), are a family of circus performers with incredible skills and plenty of Cute Factor t ... more

Bubbles the Fairy
A playful fairy that loves ….. bubbles. Bubbles will have any audience captivated with his enchanting bubble manipulation and contact juggling while leaving them laughing hysterically at his awkward antics.

Whether as a stage act or roving character Bubbles is sure to be a crowd favourite.

Medieval Fighting Display
Straight from the pages of history come the Medieval Fighting Display.

Either have this group as roving characters or let them put on a fighting display your event will not stop talking about.

The fighting display involves person against person in real armour and shields. Watch Wulfgar take on Phillip or Guillaume in real time battle.

Who will win?

Mr Inferno
Mr Inferno aka Brian Lyons is with out a doubt the skinniest and exciting performer on the street who uses his size in a comic fashion to his advantage leaving crowds in stitches of laughter and wanting more.

The show combines highly dangerous circus skills with fire and audience participation, ending in an amazing finale leaving you wondering where he gets his strength from!!

Popeyed and Son
A pick me up for young and old.

Mark Verisilli, perhaps better known as the intelligent half of PopEyed, has temporarily traded is venerated old partner in for a new and younger one! as a result the average age of the acrobatic duo has dropped from 45 to 30 ish [(45+16)/2]=HOT! so expect plenty of fun, awesome acrobatics, youthful vigor and good looks ( Verisilli, of course).

See this dynamic duo before they g ... more

Samora Squid
Samora Squid is a multitalented variety performer, who’s style mixes old-school side-show stunts with a light hearted, slapstick twist. His hilarious antics have been worked into shows that can be varied in length, are suitable for both outdoor and indoor events, highly adaptable to suit any environment and are heaps of fun!

“The Crowds loved Samora's outrageous contortionist act. He was a pleasure to deal with -profe ... more